Welcome to STSP, a pain society, whose mission is to contribute ample to the global effort in alleviating the burden of pain and improving the quality of life for individuals affected by pain through education and training.


STSP, a pain society, is proud to be affiliated with the prestigious International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), a global organization dedicated to advancing the understanding and treatment of pain. As a society committed to unraveling the complexities of pain, our collaboration with IASP amplifies our reach and impact in the pursuit of Pain relief, specifically in Pakistan. Together, we align our efforts with IASP’s mission, working collaboratively to promote research, education, and advocacy that addresses the diverse challenges associated with pain.

IASP’s unwavering commitment to Pain Relief Throughout the World resonates with our own vision at STSP, a pain society, Through this affiliation, we aim to foster international collaboration, share cutting-edge research, and contribute to the global dialogue on Pain  management. Together with IASP and STSP, a pain society is dedicated to make significant strides in alleviating the burden of Pain on individuals and communities living in Pakistan. Ensuring that the latest advancements in Pain science are accessible and applicable in Pakistan and in its healthcare landscape.

Pakistan Pain Leaders


Brig Dr. M Saleem

Brig Muhammad Salim, a distinguished Professor of Anesthesia & Pain Medicine, has had an illustrious career spanning decades. With extensive expertise in pain management, he has contributed significantly to academia, research, and clinical practice, leaving a lasting impact on the field. As a revered educator and prolific author, he has shaped the landscape of pain medicine both nationally and internationally.

President STSP

Brig (R) Dr. Asif Gul Kayani

Asif Gul Kayani Consultant Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine Bahria International Hospital Rawalpindi Supervisor FCPS Pain Medicine Member Pain Medicine Committee CPSP Regular speaker in national Pain conferences and symposia Organised a number of local and national workshops on Interventional Pain Medicine Has practiced Pain Medicine for twenty five years Participated in the development of curriculum for the MSc and the FCPS Pain Medicine
General Secretary STSP

Dr. Salman Ahmad Saleem

Dr.Salman A Saleem Consultant Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Chief of Department of Pain Medicine. Shifa International Hospital Islamabad. Associate Professor of Anaesthesiology Shifa College of Medicine Islamabad General Secretary Society for Treatment and Study of Pain Pakistan Focal person committee of pain medicine , College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan Supervisor and Examiner of MSc Pain medicine Rifah University Islamabad Supervisor and examiner of FCPS Pain Medicine, College of Physicians and Surgeons Participated in the development of the curriculum of FCPS Pain Medicine, CPSP

Prof Dr. Khalid Bashsir

Khalid Bashir is a highly qualified and experienced medical professional with expertise in Pain Medicine. Currently serving as a Consultant in Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine at the National Hospital & Medical Center in Lahore, Pakistan, he holds international memberships with ESRA and IASP. With a distinguished career, including past roles as Professor of Anaesthesiology and Dean of the Faculty of Anaesthesiology, he continues to contribute significantly to the field of Pain Medicine both nationally and internationally.

Prof Dr. Gouhar Afshan

Dr. Gauhar Afshan, The Tajdin Hussein Jaffer Endowed Professor of Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine at Aga Khan University (AKU), Pakistan, is a pioneer in pain management, founding the first multidisciplinary pain setup in the country. With extensive international involvement, including leadership roles in WFSA and CPSP, she has spearheaded numerous research projects and authored over 120 peer-reviewed publications, receiving recognition through prestigious national and international awards.

Maj Gen (R) Dr. Amjad Iqbal

Dr. Amjad Iqbal is a trailblazer in interventional pain medicine in Pakistan. With over two decades of experience, he established clinics across major cities and pioneered the FCPS pain medicine program. Recognized for his contributions, he received prestigious awards, including the Hilal-i-Imtiaz (Military) in 2017. Dr. Amjad Iqbal remains actively engaged in clinical practice and education, shaping the future of pain management in the country.

 Discover the STSP Advantage

Pakistan’s Pain Management Network

Connect with a diverse and proficient network of pain management experts within Pakistan, ensuring you receive unparalleled insights and tailored solutions to address your unique pain-related needs. Our network brings together a wealth of experience and expertise, fostering collaboration and ensuring you have access to the best in the field of pain management.


Extensive Resources for Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Discover a comprehensive array of resources carefully curated to empower both healthcare professionals and patients on their journey to effective pain management. From the latest research findings to practical guides, our resources are designed to enhance knowledge and facilitate informed decision-making, contributing to improved patient outcomes.


Advocacy for Pain Relief as a Human Right

Join us in advocating for the belief that pain relief is a fundamental human right, with a special focus on fostering compassionate care for all within the borders of Pakistan. Our commitment to advocacy aims to raise awareness, drive policy change, and ensure that every individual in Pakistan has access to dignified and effective pain relief.


Interdisciplinary Approach

Experience a holistic approach to pain management, where our interdisciplinary team collaborates seamlessly to address every facet of your unique situation. By integrating perspectives from various specialties, we ensure a comprehensive and personalized approach. Indeed, we take into account the physical, emotional, and many social aspects of pain.


Commitment to Innovation and Research

Stay at the forefront of pain management advancements with our unwavering dedication to innovation and continuous research within the specific context of Pakistan. Trust us to bring you the latest breakthroughs, ensuring that our approaches are informed by the most current and relevant scientific knowledge.


Patient-Centered Focus

Your well-being is at the heart of everything we do. Our patient-centered approach ensures personalized care that aligns with your goals and aspirations for a pain-free life. Through open communication and shared decision-making, we prioritize your individual needs, making your journey toward effective pain management a collaborative and empowering experience.


STSP, a Pain Society, is a Pakistan-Centric, Comprehensive, and Patient-Centric Approach to Pain Management


Expert Team Members

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