Dr. Ateeq ur Rehman

Pain Mechanics

Dr. Syed Mehmood Ali

Pre-emptive Analgesia, Preventive Analgesia, Central and Peripheral Sensitization & it’s implication on Pain Management

Dr. Almas Iqbal

Pharmacology of Non-opioid (opioid free) analgesics

Dr. Hamza Waheed

Pharmacology of opioids, partial agonists antagonist and adjuncts

Dr. Usman Bashir

Updates in Acute pain management

Dr. Tahir Akbar

Organizing an Inpatient Acute Pain Service

Dr. Rayyan

Basic Radiology for Pain Physician

Dr. Khaleel Ahmed

Anatomy of Spine

Dr. Sadaf Mushtaq

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Dr. Salman Ahmad Saleem

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Dr. Jamil Sabit

Lumbar & Cervical epiduroplasty for FBSS: tips & pearls

Dr. Nasir Khatri

Vertebral Body Tumor Ablation

Brig. Dr. Asif Gul Kiyani

History of Pain Medicine in Pakistan

Dr. Tayyaba Wasim

Neck Pain

Dr. Usman Bashir

Spinal Stenosis

Maj Dr.Moazzam Ali

Lumber Facet Syndrome